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This section of the website qualifies some important areas of Repeat Rubber operations. It is important that if you are a customer of Repeat, that you familiarise yourself with all factors that are covered here. It is a requirement that if you purchase from Repeat Rubber, that you accept the policies outlined below. All policies are designed to make the process of ordering and shipping your products as efficient and effective as possible.

1. Lead time for Product Orders
In most cases we should be able to ship most products within 7-14 working days. It should never be expected by the customer that goods will be received before this time frame. On rare occasions, due to stock being left over from other orders, customers will receive their goods before this time frame. For orders of amounts less than 10 please ask our customer service department as we hold many products in stock all year round.

2. Freight/Unloading procedures and charges
Freight charges will be given on application. These deliveries are made by semi trailer trucks and it is a requirement that you have a forklift at your facility, as well as being able to accept delivery at any time from 8AM - 5PM Mon-Fri. For smaller orders, hand unloading is possible but time consuming, (for hand unloading fees apply) If you do not have a forklift, talk to our customer service person regarding the weight of the items you have ordered and discuss whether or not it is feasible to hand unload and whether you will have sufficient staff to do this. If for some reason, you are unable to accept delivery, whether it is that you do not have staff at the facility or other reasons, you will be charged for the freight on the delivery that was not accepted, plus the freight for the re-delivery.

3. Payment Details
All purchases are Pre paid (payment will be required before the manufacture or delivery of goods). After the first three(3) orders have been finalized you may apply for credit, once the credit application form is approved our terms are 30 days from date of purchase. We accept Cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer. For a pro forma invoice with our bank account details on please phone 03 5978 7060 or email
Any accounts that are overdue will be placed on Pre Paid for any future orders. For any enquires, please contact our friendly customer service personnel on 03 5978 7060 or email