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Playgrounds - Coloured Tiles

Coloured Playground Tiles
Recycled Rubber Coloured Playground Tiles are perfect for playgrounds requiring surfacing; they are a quality playground surfacing which provide consistent product thickness, density, and performance.
The standard colours available are Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Grey and Heritage Red each with Rainbow speckles throughout. EPDM speckle colours and concentrations can be increased and customized for clients requiring a special effect. (For special orders minimum quantities apply)
The Standard Tiles system utilizes factory mass-produced tile components along with optional finishing edges. The tiles cut with an undercut bevel have a smaller size dimension of approx. 995mm x995mm.
The Coloured Playground tile laid in conjunction with soft fall rebound protection underlay tile is its foundation for impact attenuation; this base system offers consistency in thickness, density, and resiliency.
The Coloured Playground tiles are installed in brick pattern and all seams are sealed and bonded with a tough, abrasion resistant polyurethane construction adhesive on site.
Use the Softfall rebound protection underlay in conjunction with the Coloured Playground tiles to ensure compliance with Australian Standards. (See Fall Height Graph to determine correct thickness required).
Additionally the Playground Coloured Tile System offers:
  • Reduced on-site installation technicalities
  • Easy replaceable sections
  • Genuine 'correct' underfoot feel and stability
  • Expansion and contraction tolerance with climatic change
  • 20% less Rebound than traditional rubber surfaces to reduce potential long-bone injury
  • Excellent slip resistance and toughness
The surface will perform for years without trouble, however the Standard Tile darker colours attract more heat in the summer months.
Standard Tile can have a Cool Colour Paint Coating applied at anytime in the future when your client?s budget can afford it.

Wet Pour Surfaces ?Rubberise?
You?ve seen it at your local fast-food Playground, You?ve felt how soft, safe and durable it is,
It?s now available for your Home, Cushioning, anti-slip attractive outdoor solution, Made from Recycled Tyres.
Perfect for the Playground, Walkways, Pool area, Pathways, Utes, Horse Floats, Stables to name a few. The flowing rubber creates a beautiful all in one finish as it smoothes to the edges. A licensed Rubberised expert trowels the material down for you in just one day; you can walk on it the next. Choose a colour combination that?s right for your home.