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Sport Surfaces - Underlay

Sports Underlay
Sports Surface Underlay has been developed to compliment artificial sports surfacing systems. They provide impact attenuation and reduce strains on joints and ligaments. Consistent underfoot comfort, feel stability and force reduction.
Sports Surface Underlay?s are engineered to satisfy specific performance requirements for impact absorption, sliding, ball rebound and counter vibration.
The unique manufacturing process guarantees consistency in density and thickness throughout the entire installation.

Sports Underlay Rolls
Sports rolls are made from polymerically bound recycled rubber buffings, the rolls are supplied in various thicknesses, from 6mm to 15mm and two densities (580kg/m3 and 600kg/m3) to meet varying ball control, impact response and shock absorption requirements of artificial sports surfaces.
The 580 series is permeable and has critical fall height values, the 600 series is designed for less permeability and thinner underlay requirements.
Sports rolls meet all criterions for wet hockey, sand dressed, sand filled, and football artificial sports turf surfaces.

Sport Underlay Sheets
The sports underlay sheet system is an alternative to rolls making it easier on site for the installer, each sheet can be rolled up straight from the pallet by hand, and re rolled out when needed.
The Sports underlay sheet is 600kg/m3 density to meet the criteria for ball control, impact response and shock absorption requirements for artificial turf surfaces
Sports underlay sheet size is 2m x 2.4m and comes in three thickness 8mm, 10mm and 15mm.