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Playgrounds - Underlay

Soft Fall Rebound Protection Underlay

Softfall Rebound Protection Underlay Tiles
Softfall Rebound Protection Underlay tiles, Coloured playground tiles are ready to be laid
Softfall Brochure (pdf)

Renowned for their speedy installation, the Soft Fall Underlay System delivers resilient performance and assurance of compliance to Australian Standards.
Soft Fall Underlay is renowned for their precision in thickness and composition and will deliver resilient performance over the entire installed area for a lifetime.
The Soft Fall Underlay System is manufactured in user friendly 1 metre x 1 metre square tiles and help to cut down on installation time.
Soft Fall Underlay can be used under almost any covering including, wet pour rubber, synthetic grass, rubber tiles, carpet, and even bark chips. They are available in thicknesses from 10mm to 50mm and can be doubled up to achieve any thickness.
Sikaflex is recommended over the joins for wet-pour and synthetic grass the Slow Rebound Protection underlay offers lighter handling and answers the call for minimizing bone fractures from rebound.
Unlike foam underlay, Soft Fall Underlay have large open cells, which enable water and debris to pass. They don't suffer from cell collapse and won't float or hold water in heavy rainfall.